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Deborah Millikan Scott

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Deborah Millikan Scott has more than 30 years experience working in the entertainment and event industry. She is skilled in Event development and Management, Marketing and Brand development with a knack for creating awareness through Live Productions.

 Deborah began her career designing, planning and producing corporate events in the Atlanta market. The fundraising began with the USO and led to planning a parade and rally for our troops, commemorating ‘Operation Desert Storm’. The size and scope of the event created such a buzz that Georgia Tech contacted Deborah with a request to bring the Clayton County event to Bobby Dodd Stadium because the coveted entertainers and speakers had already been pre-booked by Millikan.

President George H. Bush formally acknowledged the event by sending a letter from the White House to the Clayton County Parade of Patriots mentioning Deborah in the message. Millikan acquired sponsorship for the filming of the event and sent videos to soldiers that remained in Kuwait. A copy of the video was hand delivered to the President by Newt Gingrich, who spoke at the rally at Millikan's request. 

Millikan continued to develop, market and manage large productions in the Atlanta area such as concerts and festivals as well as manage and book recording artists.  Deborah credits her mentors Doyle Brady and Merle Kilgore (Hank Williams Jr's manager) for helping her navigate the music industry waters. Deborah met her husband Rick while she was doing PR for the grandson of Johnny Cash. 

Maintaining a passion for community involvement, Millikan was selected by the President of Chick-fil-A, Jimmy Collins, to serve as Director of Development for a private school in Georgia. Deborah was tasked with creating a capital campaign that raised millions of dollars to build a school for children diagnosed as ADD or ADHD. A recent letter from the retired president of Chick-fil-A pointed out to Millikan that she "took them where they needed to go," and because of this a much larger number of children have received the  help they needed. The campaign was a huge success and the beautiful facility was built in Fairburn, Georgia.

Community involvement brought Deborah into the areas of tourism and history, a period after her position as director of tourism in Monroe County, Georgia She moved back to her home state of North Carolina and contracted as the administrator and director for the Bechtler Heritage Center in Rutherfordton, NC and the North Carolina Gold Trail. Millikan is working on expanding the North Carolina Gold Trail, a historical destination trail currently made up of six counties but will eventually connect all 33 counties in North Carolina that have a documented gold history.


Deborah is the CEO of the Debrick Music Group which consists of Debrick Music Publishing, Debrick Records and Debrick Media Group which includes NC Gold Tales magazine, and Debrick Websites.

Millikan-Scott is also a songwriter under Debrick Publishing  along with Rick Scott, the label's primary artist and songwriter. 

Debrick Media Group/Debrick Music Publishing

We offer Publishing, Licensing, Song Placement, Sync License, Film, Radio, and TV , Distribution.  Song Development, and Custom Music for Commercials, Gaming and other projects.


We also offer other services such as public relations, event production, website design, magazine publications, collateral marketing materials, corporate branding

Consultation is available.

Rick Scott


Multi-Platinum and Award-Winning Songwriter, Rick Scott has more than 30 million units in sales and more than 40 years in the business. At age 16, already a seasoned musician and published songwriter. Rick came on board as the drummer for a band called Wild Country, the band that would become known as the Super Group, Alabama.

The name ‘Alabama’ was mutually decided upon by Owen, Cook, Gentry and Scott. As Wild Country, they released their very first single “I Wanna Be With You Tonight” under the GRT Label. This was their first Billboard Charted Single. As Wild Country they also released an album by the same name and one titled “Deuces Wild”. On the cover, the four band members are shown sitting around a table. This was released under the LSI Label. Scott remained with the band for more than 5 years during which time the band’s signature sound was developed, touring in the winter but spending summers on stage at ‘The Bowery’ in Myrtle beach, South Carolina.


Rick Scott worked alongside Randy Owen, Jeff Cook and Teddy Gentry writing, recording, harmonizing and playing drums on the band’s first Three albums as ‘Alabama’: ‘Alabama No. 3’ was released under Alabama records; “My Homes In Alabama” was the first album released by RCA and “Feels So Right” was the second, both without re-recording, therefore bearing the work of Rick Scott and would go on to include many of their iconic hits.

That first album released in 1980 by RCA, “My Home’s in Alabama” included the massive number one song, “Why Lady Why” written by Rick Scott and Teddy Gentry. Scott was the only person outside the three cousins that was actually ever a contracted member of the band. When Scott left the band, the remaining members decided that every musician that performed with them on tour would be a hired musician and not an official band member. And that included Mark Herndon. Rick Scott stayed on long enough to work with Mark on the drums and coach him in playing the songs Scott cowrote and performed.

NOTE: In February, 2019 Rick Scott joined the band Alabama on stage at the Bowery, the first time together on that stage in 40 years. It was the 75th Anniversary of The Bowery, it was a major event and was filmed by CMT.

​That first album “My Homes In Alabama” is a Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Certified 6 Multi-Platinum project and Alabama went on to be named the RIAA Country Super Group of the 20th Century. “Why Lady Why” has been released on numerous albums and recorded by many other artists over the last few decades and remains in the top 100 all-time greatest country songs ever recorded. Alabama has sold 78 million albums and has had 43 number one hits.

Scott left the band Alabama and went to work writing and touring with Earl Thomas Conley. It wasn’t long before he was asked to come to work for Johnny Cash.

​Rick recently received two Awards; one for his Johnny Cash recording of the self-penned tune “Tennessee”, on the album “Out Among the Stars” (2014 Release by Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music). The album debuted at Number One World-Wide on the Top Country Album and Americana Charts. The song, “Tennessee” was the featured theme of a successful advertising campaign by Southwest Airlines.

​The second Award was for his Johnny Cash recording of “When I’m Gray”, Rick’s contribution on “The Legend” Boxed Set earned him a Certified Gold Album. Released in 2005 by Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings, it is one of the few multi-discs sets that contain songs recorded throughout Cash’s entire career. The set won a Grammy Award for Best Boxed Set. When John recorded the song he made sure Scott was in the studio. Cash called him that morning, and told him to be sure and join him at the studio that day but didn’t tell him he was cutting “When I’m Gray”. Scott was happily surprised when he walked in Jack Clément’s studio to hear John’s voice coming through.

​Rick Scott’s association with Johnny Cash was highlighted in the book:
“Johnny Cash: Redemption of an American Icon” by Authors, Greg Laurie and Marshall Terrill, released August 2019. A documentary based on the book was to be released in theaters in the latter part of 2020 but is rescheduled for a later date. The film is produced by the Erwin Brothers, the filmmakers of “If I Can Only Imagine” Rick Scott was interviewed about his years of working with Johnny Cash and producers decided they wanted Scott filmed performing “When I’m Gray” for the documentary.

​Rick Scott has devoted his entire life to his musical roots as the creative force behind many hits for many artists. Scott’s first song ever to be released was “Just Along For the Ride” in 1976 on the Ed Bruce album ‘Don’t Let Your Baby’s Grow Up to Be Cowboys’, a song written by Ed Bruce and his wife. Scott’s writing career included hits by Alabama, Earl Thomas Conley, and as a professional drummer he was on the road with these artists and later with Vern Gosden and David Allen Coe. Scott’s career took him to Warner Bros hired by Jim Ed Norman (CEO of Warner Bros Nashville for 24 years) where he produced multiple artists over a period of eight years.  A young man from Canada by the name of Chris Cummings was signed to the label and Jim Ed assigned him to Scott. Rick cowrote some major tunes with Chris and produced his hit albums. To name a few of these tunes include: ‘Sure Enough’, ‘Cowboy Hats’, ‘A Minute and A Half’, and ‘Lonesomeville’.

Rick Scott continues to write, and produce new projects along with his wife, Deborah. Together they released a Christian album in 2020 ‘Thorns’.  Scott has released a few other albums, He commented “You never know, artists are always looking for songs. I just keep writing because I still have songs in me.”

‘Thorns the Album’ released in 2020 is Scott’s first Spiritual based project after noted success in the mainstream. Rick Scott has been through some harrowing events in his life but is shining now through gratefulness and fullness of heart being delivered through God’s love and forgiveness. As Rick knows, “everyone has their story” and his story through thr Thorns album is about delivering the message that “God is Merciful” and has continued to bless him in so many ways “including the union of marriage to my wonderful wife, Deborah” as Scott continues, “Through all the trials and errors along the way, our story as a couple…how we met, and looking back just realizing God kept bringing us onto the same paths, around the same people, sometimes in the same room at the exact same time…...but we never met until 2018! It was all in God’s time. "  Deborah worked with Rick in the making of ‘Thorns the Album’  cowriting the work that takes the listener from the birth of Jesus through to the crucifixion.

Rick's new single "Baby I' was written for Deborah and is available now. The album "Twist and Turns" was released on Christmas Eve 2021.

Nick J Petta


Engineer and Producer worked at Sun Records with Producer Shelby Singleton (Mercury Label) who purchased the Sun Label from Sam Phillips. Petta, a guitarist, had begun his career early on playing and touring with Jimi Hendrix (“a tall skinny guy I called Jimi J” says Petta), the Drifters, Joey Dee and the Starliters, and Stevie Wonder. Nick played in an area in Boston known as the ‘Combat Zone’ – a place where DuWop groups sprang up from the Bos-Sound.


Petta’s engineer training came under the mentorship of Chet Bennett, Chief Master for CBS Records and led to a partnership with Bennett engineering and producing in their own studio. The studio is credited with engineering or producing hundreds of artists including Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Kansas, The Tams, Culture Club, Willie Nelson, Eddie Money and Boston to name a few.


Nick was a member of the band Avalanche on the Boblo Records, a label designed, built, equipped, produced and engineered by Chet Bennett for Bobby Smith in Brunswick, Georgia. Bennett gave Bobby two charted records in the first two attempts, “Mister Boogey Man” and “Feel Like Being Funky,” by Avalanche. Nick Petta was the guitarist and backup singer on these Billboard chart records and was the guitarist for the late, great Jimmy ‘Orion’ Ellis, appearing with the “Orion” band in the movie of the same name.


After touring with Orion, Nick moved to Huntsville, Alabama working with a band and there he met Rick Scott, former drummer and songwriter for the band, Alabama.  (“Why Lady Why” and numerous others on the first three ‘Alabama’ albums. Not long afterwards Petta lost his index finger and part of his thumb in an accident. He gave up guitar for a while. But after meeting his wife, Lorraine, and through the encouragement of his grown kids he began to play again. He stays busy in his studio in Florida, still plays 2 to 3 nights a week with local bands and still finds the time to work on projects such as the NC Gold Album, developed by Debrick Media Group, in which he not only co-produced but plays guitar and other instruments on three of the songs.

Nick has coproduced and mastered many of Rick Scott's works. He is cowriter of the new single 'Baby I' released December 10, 2021



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